Haley Lee


Physical Therapist

Hayley is a Physical and Remedial therapist who has been working in the field for 10 years. She studied Body Work relating to physiotherapy in South Korea in 2009 and has achieved a Certificate of International therapist from an institution in England in 2010. She acquired a Dip of Remedial Therapy in 2013 in Australia. She has a great passion for human health and wellbeing and is very competent in what she does. She aims to be up to date with the latest development and knowledge of the related areas.

Hayley’s treatment involves an assessment of a whole body, in order to examine symptoms and causes of muscle irregularity, with a deep understanding and advanced knowledge of the root pain. She also assists the client with fascial release stretching methods when required. Her willingness to reduce the level of pain improves client’s body function and helps them feel refreshed with less anxiety and burdensome.

Most of her clients come to her for the purpose of pain release.

There are a number of people with chronic pain these days due to overworking at the desk or using smartphones excessively. Headaches and migraine from heavy tensions around the neck and shoulder muscles are one of the most common symptoms. Hayley often deals with those muscles which are developed on only one side or does not function properly due to muscle shortage and adhesion.

In addition, she has an outstanding understanding of the body balance and provides useful advice on good posture based on her professional knowledge as well as demonstrating the relevant exercise.

She thinks all the muscle pains come from inappropriate movements in our daily lives. Therefore, she does not only provide a manual treatment on painful spots, but also provides a manual therapy based on the most effective plan after considering the general repetitive movements that the clients are involved, relating to their occupation.

Her treatments are recommended weekly for four sessions and then fortnightly or monthly for maintenance thereafter.

She indeed possesses much experience in athletes of various ages. She understands the movement of sports such as triathlon surfing marathon tennis, golf, and a lot of people in these areas have come and visit her. In case a surgery was done due to sports injury, she believes pre-post operation treatment is extremely important and provides the best support.

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