Terms & Conditions

Consent to Remedial Massage

There is always some risk associated with any treatment. Some potential risks from remedial massage include pain, bruising, dizziness, fainting and aggravation of your condition. To minimize the above possible risks please tell your therapist if you become uncomfortable or experience pain during treatment, if you bruise easily or are on any blood thinning medications, or feel light headache or dizzy during or after the treatment.

Terms and Conditions

I understand that the aforementioned are possible significant risks and complications specific to my individual circumstances that may have a bearing upon my decision to proceed with the proposed treatment. The therapist has explained the treatment options to me and will discuss with me. During the treatment if she makes any further changes to the treatment. The therapist has explained the associated risk and possible side effects with this treatment and potential risks or outcomes if the treatment is changed The therapist has explained that I have the right to refuse treatment or changes To the treatment and that she or I have the right to stop the massage at any time I understand that I have the right to ask for further information on treatments that include breast, buttock or groin areas and refuse treatment of these areas at any time. If you have any question related to the treatment you are about to receive, Please do not hesitate to ask your remedial massage therapist.

Privacy Policy Statement

In accordance with the new privacy act, all information relative to your case is held in total confidence. However, your consent is necessary to allow us to exchange information between therapists within this clinic. When appropriate, relative information regarding your case may be sent to other medical and health care. Practitioners for proper and effective management of your condition.

Cancellation Policy

We appreciate payment upon time of consultation. If you are unable to keep an appointment we require 24 hours notice to cancel your appointment. I have read and understand the above information and give my consent to commence treatment.